XXXL Glorious Gaming Mouse Mat - TourneDisque

Hey Everyone, Pretty excited to share the huge mouse pad I picked up during cyber Monday sales. The dimensions are 48x24" and you can read more about it here:

[SIZE=“1”]P.S I didn’t have any paper to make a thank you note. Thank you REWARDS1! -TourneDisque[/SIZE]

Nice mouse and keyboard TD!! GRATZ!!!

C’mon, the Mouse pad gets no luv. #Sadface9000

Awesome mouse pad, tourne. Don’t get no stains on it. :smiley:

^^ It’s 100% washable

Nice work Tourne!

awesome! ive been using the razer goliathis extended for a few years now and its showing some wear and its getting dirty and thecats have swatted at it etc. maybe ill look into this one

@Mason LMAO this is also replacing my old Razer Goliathus mousepad that was peeling apart. Note: I got this at 50% off but it’s totally worth full price. Also I’ve seen some on eBay with designs printed on them. I was thinking of getting a custom wood print earlier because right now solid black is absorbing all the light on my desk.

TD can I have your keyboard please.

My keyboard is pretty nice but I didn’t pay anywhere near MSRP for mine. It also has concaved keycaps which I don’t think you would like. I’d recommend checking out a Razer product or my keyboards newer little brother the G810 Spectrum.

P.S check ebay for a used one.