Welcome to the Rewards sub-forum!

This sub-forum serves as a ‘how to’ for prizes that can be redeemed on our site. Kind of like our Guides section but specifically for rewards.

You may post anything you like that pertains to the topic of this section, as long as the following rules are observed:

  • Only one thread per prize - multiple threads for the same item will be either deleted or merged together (if it adds to the first thread made).
  • Thread must have at least a description of the prize and clear instructions on how to redeem the prize.

p.s. Please note that site rules apply as per normal along with their consequences.

Wow this is an awesome thread… keep up the good work. I hope this can also help with the staff ordering those random prize request off the interwebs. I like that we can now post and clear up any confusion with those member’s redeeming game cards.

Note: threads may be altered to better suit tournedisque ego. j/k no serious…