Welcome Samplicious and Dynata

We have just launched Dynata! (aka SSI/Research Now)

Members will automatically be registered to receive Dynata survey invitations if the required profile info has been filled - age, gender, postal/zip. If not you’ll be prompted to fill in the missing info. You’ll receive an event notifying you of a survey invitation, which can be taken reasonably anytime afterwards. Event notifications are the little speaker icon on the top menu bar, and you can click the event to take you to the survey page. We currently support US, UK, CA, and AU, and will rollout to other countires soon.

We also soft-launched Samplicious about 2 weeks ago and preliminary results have been great! If you haven’t already, visit them under Survey Partners from the Earn menu. Their router (for now) has been divided into 2 different types: short, lower paying surveys which are easy to qualify for, and longer, higher paying surveys which are harder to get.

Please note that Samplicious surveys are access restricted to experienced users with low reversal rates.

Happy Earnings!

How do i unresgister for dynata? Getting spammed makes me angery >:’(

You should at most, see a notification once or twice a day, unless you are really fortunate and get a tonne of Dynata surveys. At this time it does not appear to have any option to toggle notifications for them, but that isn’t a bad idea, i suppose.