Want to Order Minecraft? Look inside!

[SIZE=“6”]THIS TEMPLATE can also be used to order OTHER ITEMS! It is a good template to show HOW you can custom order something. It just happens that I chose Minecraft for this (which is no longer needed)[/SIZE]

NOTE: Minecraft has been re-added to Game Codes. Now it is possible to go to Redeem, Game Codes and just click Minecraft Gift Code. THIS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL, SO ENSURE YOU HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS!

For posterity, or incase Minecraft is removed from Game Codes ever again:

It seems that how to get Minecraft is quite a common question…so this is how to order it.

Go to Redeem then Custom Rewards. Fill the following in:

URL: http://minecraft.net/store

Name: Minecraft Gift Code

Total Points: 2695

Message: Order a Gift Code and send it to my e-mail. Thanks.

If you follow these instructions, you should be able to order Minecraft. Enjoy.

For ordering the minecraft gift code, do I still need to order it by your email now?

You can custom order directly with us.

Phone number?

I forgot to ask to get the code directly, and it gave me some sort of phone number. DO I call it and get the code? Please help

@Elysium https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/816435-redeeming-a-prepaid-card-or-gift-code