Version 5.1 is live: Goodbye Daily Bonus, Hello Larger Base Payout

with the launch of v5.1, we’re excited to announce that we’ve done away with the overly complicated daily bonus, and have instead increased payouts and introduced a new bonus :slight_smile:


  • Daily bonus - earn 10 - 30% bonus, earnings dependent
  • Rank bonus - added on top of daily bonus
  • Loyalty streak bonus - added on top of daily bonus + rank bonus


  • Increase base payout 30%

regulars and new users alike should make more with these new changes.

we’ve also added a bonus, Cashout6, under the Win menu as well as on the sidebar on desktop and tablet displays. for every 6 rewards that you redeem, you’ll get bonus equal to the average of those 6 rewards!

Cashout6 page with full details under the Win menu: Rewards1 | Make Money Online

weekly bonus days promos will be altered, everything else will remain the same, ie. weekly contests, referral revshare percentages, etc.

we hope you like the new changes :slight_smile:


I love the new structure but, always a but lol. Now I cannot see how many points I am earning each day. I know how much I earned yesterday but checking my records, taking away today’s total from yesterday (before I start earning) and then adding up how many pts I got from my refs to find out how much I had earned. Doh! What a waste of my time. Do we really need to know who has earned what and where. Not even sure I want others to see that I just earned 3pts from CPX etc.

@blythburgh the recent credits are a handy thing for users who struggle to find surveys. You may not use it or find it annoying but for rookies especially it can be a great help to see what is working for others in their country and I often advise that they watch to see what is crediting for others.

admittedly there is no easy way to see daily earnings at this time with the removal of daily quests [total]. other than noting your begin and end point values daily, or remove/add a new high value prize daily to meter your earnings, or manually totaling your history - all of which are less than ideal.

will look into this. thanks for pointing it out, and for your patience!

and, assuming you’re referring to recent credits - is a feature which does more good than harm i’m afraid - so will be with us for awhile more :wink:

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I had no idea it would be difficult to restore how many pts we had earned today. And if the “x just got y pts from x” helps the site I am happy for it to stay.