Tell us about your experiences with Cint

Dear Rewards1 Community,

We’d like to collect everyone’s experiences with our survey provider, Cint.

How do you like them? What problems have you had with them? Let us know!

When detailing issues please include things like

  1. What happens? (screenshots appreciated but not necessary)
  2. Time frame - are these recent problems or awhile ago? constant vs random?
  3. Does the problem occur through our Cint portal (accessed through the Survey Partners page) or through a 3rd party survey provider eg. Your Surveys, Samplicious, etc., or both?
  4. Does this problem occur just on Rewards1, or everywhere?

Or, if you’ve had a marvelous time tell us!

Thanks everyone for your feedback :slight_smile:

Good Evening,

I don’t usually attempt Cint directly on here (I’ve completed them via 3rd party without issues) but saw this post come up and thought I’d see how they were…

So twice I clicked and both times a new R1 homepage just opened.

I tried again about 10 minutes later, the router started doing its thing. DQ’d instantly which is fair enough but now that’s it. No more router, just that fail message…

Until the last fews days not had a problem even when receiving an error message saying about technical difficulties and that they’d apply the credit when survey finished, always received credit at some point.

However, last few days they have started using a different error message when completing surveys on yoursurveys saying:

An error has occurred.
In order for us to review the error we need:
.The original survey link, located in your invitation email.
.The current link in the address field in your browser.
.A description of the subject matter of survey you were in.
.When the error occured
Please send all of the pieces of information to

Have sent them the email as requested and done this for 8 of the surveys, received an automated email saying:


Thank you for your email and continued participation in our surveys. Your feedback is always appreciated.

To get the fastest response to your query, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. They have been created to help you find your answers in the immediate versus waiting for a reply.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please fill out our ?Submit a Request? form on the FAQ site and we will get back to you.

Thank you,

Cint Support

Have tried doing what it says in the email and submitting a request but that’s not working either. I fill it all in and it won’t send.

I usually am capable of successfully finishing 3 surveys(within one hour) when I log onto Cint because they are reliable and offer surveys that are short and not boring at all.

I usually encounter Cint through Your-surveys (Router-ception? lol…). Occasionally Cint will send me into a survey that has just closed, or is going through a technical issue, but this isn’t very often, and any error I get is usually survey specific. (IE, already entered, disqualified, quota, Server error [the survey’s software]. ETC.)

My only gripe with Cint is the longer redirect wait times, after answering one or more, rather repetitive “Quick profile update” questions. Other than that, good experience overall!

This isn’t an R1 issue as I’ve has these errors in the past via other rewards sites doing Cint surveys. I had a Server/Technical Error first, his refresh as it says and…

Cint say u can do more then one a day however after u do one of them this has happened to me as well u can only really do 1 a day


only daily poll gives me point which is one per a day,all the survey says not supported in my country and that’s bad