Rank Requirements Restructuring

user rank requirements have been overhauled to make more sense, and to account for the changing times.

Earning Requirements - the requirement for prime was reduced, while veteran, elite and legend requirements have been increased. this was done primarily to smooth the gap between legend and prime, as well as add a little more prestige to the higher ranks.

Referral Requirements will see the biggest change, as they have been heavily reduced to reflect the changing nature of referrals.


@blue really liking this so much clearer :upside_down_face:

and of course not having to bust a gut as much to get to Prime now lol ty

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I like the new Referrals Requirements ! Keep it up blue ! :sunglasses:


@Oldgamer i bet you do :slight_smile:


@Rosbel2021 We have the same user rank now :wink:

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@Oldgamer congrats bout time you ranked up :slight_smile:

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@MoodyBlue Thanks :heart_eyes: