Phantom 4 Pro Drone

I got the P4P as a gift, but it only lasted like 2 months of narrow flying stunts before i rammed it into a wall and cut the camera yaw arm and its cable in half. It would’ve taken like $50 for the parts if it was a standard P4, but the pro model has a better camera and different connector to the mainboard for it, and I couldn’t find a single place to buy any parts for the P4P, other than the entire camera, so I had to buy the whole gimbal/camera thingy for $700 (before discounts… I had to get a ton of discounts using and paxful). It didn’t boot up properly or do the gimbal calibration when I attached the new camera though, and I just gave up for a while and thought the main board was gone. I got it back out recently though and just double checked the connections and repaired the camera and stuff and it magically booted up, but both compasses were disconnected, the battery stats showed N/A, and there were a ton of other errors. So I had to buy the entire P4P, minus the camera, which I conveniently found 4 listings on eBay from some pawn shop or drone repair place/store in florida or something idk, There was only one left when I finally got all the money, and cleared my PayPal account (It thought I was trying to steal my own money and locked all of it), and luckily I didn’t get stopped by PayPal’s retarded security system.

TL;DR I got gifted a P4P, but I fked up the camera and had to replace it, then realized the entire thing was fked up so I bought and replaced everything except the camera. So entirely new drone now.

sorry rjuan all my potatoes are growing eyes rn I need to go out and get some fresh ones

(if it takes you to the imgur page, click on the image or drag it into the url bar or a new tab to get a higher resolution)

everything but the camera

da camera

puttin in da connector

after puttin on da camera, no battery in yet

Now, being the l33t h4x0r1ng idiot that I am, there’s no way I’m gonna keep this limited to just flying at 45 kph (~28 mph) with a maximum altitude of 120 meters (Well actually you can get it to go up to 500 through the app but that isn’t enough).

So I enabled debug mode in the DJI Assistant app and connected the drone to my PC, and messed with some of the development parameters:

First, changing the altitude limit to 2.5km (~ 1.5mi).

Then modding the acceleration & velocity, and also how much the drone is allowed to tilt itself when going full throttle.

I haven’t tested the altitude yet, but by modding it the way I did, I brought the max speed in sport mode(it disables gps & sensor positioning and lets you go faster) up from 45kph to over 80kph without any tailwind, and also ascends and descends super quick (actually it’s pretty hard to land like it is so I’ll probably switch to positioning mode to land, since I haven’t messed with anything for that, so it’s at the default vertical velocity).

Using Litchi’s waypoint mission planning feature, I sent out the P4P on this 9.7km (~ 6mi) path (It does missions in positioning mode, so that’s why it’s not at the max speed I modded it to)

forgot to configure the camera so it was on auto and only at 30fps, i think it still goes to 4k by default, here’s a compressed video of all da sht, might be lower quality, but the original file was almost 12gb and i don’t feel like waiting for that to upload


Nice job!

[SIZE=“6”]OMG you got it!!! Is that video footage taken by you in the video?


[QUOTE=Ihtbooboo;51112][SIZE=“6”]OMG you got it!!! Is that video footage taken by you in the video?


its just the footage from the “thanks r1” mission thing, nothing special. also why do you always write in big colored comic sans o.0

You should ask why is no one else writing in different font and size?

[size=“7”]OMG i sEE IT ALL CLEARLY now. THANk you OH wiSe one!![/size]

Congrats LiMiTx on that awesome drone! The potato is always something I look forward to on your posts lol.

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What a sexy redeem, congrats Joni. Now don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t lol.

[SIZE=“5”]He gonna fly it EVERYWHERE!!! lol I can see joni placing a potato on the drone with a happy face and flying it around town LOL!