OfferToro +50% Summer Extravaganza

we’re excited to announce together with OfferToro, this summer for select days only, all OfferToro payouts will be 50% higher! :tada: :confetti_ball:

as before, so long as the offer is started during the promotional period, you’ll get the promised payout even if you finish after the promo ends. (ie gaming offers with multiple complete steps)

for a few days every few weeks:
June 1 - 3 *
June 7 - 9
June 27 - 29
July 10 - 12
Aug 2 - 4
Aug 15 - 17

all dates include the entire day, and pacific timezone.
eg. Date X - Y means the fun starts 12am on Date X and ends at 11:59pm Date Y, PDT time.

happy OfferToro’ing this summer :smiley:

Date correction: May 30 - June 1 has been rescheduled to June 1-3