New Routers, New Partners, New Forums.. Oh My

we added a bunch of new survey routers under Daily Survey including ones from opinion capital, puresurveys, etc. and more options to some familiar faces like yuno, cint and your surveys. as well, we welcomed new partners adgatemedia (thank you moody), lootably and ayetstudios a few weeks ago which will hopefully offer everyone more avenues to earn.

its so nice to have the forums back :slight_smile:


@blue so this post was made 4 hrs ago but you were not even here??? i rest my case :joy:

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@blue :joy:

@Rosbel2021 I told you they stole Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak !!

@blue :thinking: I think you meant Adgate rather than cpx :wink:
Oh my the desire to be able to edit you is overwhelming !! :joy: :rofl: :joy:

@blue you’re welcome :upside_down_face: