l33t h4x (pi zero w)

i was bored and had money so i got a pi zero w ($10 version of a small fully functional computer, normal version is $5 and has no onboard wifi/bluetooth)

had to buy a fking mini-hdmi cable for dis pizza shiz tho

I turned it into a ~[SIZE=“3”]~l3[/SIZE][SIZE=“4”]3T h4X[/SIZE][SIZE=“3”]0RiNG~[/SIZE]~ device tho,

you plug it into a computer and it simulates a keyboard and installs a little backdoor thing i made that gives me a reverse shell and some other kewl stuff

here it is in action: [SIZE=“3”]http://www.rewards1.com/showthread.php?t=10476[/SIZE]

That thing tiny gratz joni!

How much it is ?

$5 for normal thingy, $10 for wifi+bt edition