Introducing Instant Litecoin!


At long last, we are releasing instant Litecoin!

Similar to our other custom value cashouts (Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa), users may choose whatever amount they want, as long as it’s greater than the minimum requirement.


Ranks 1 and 2 have a 500-point minimum which will be manually processed.

Rank 3 and above can redeem as low as 100 Points, instantly.

Like bitcoin, transfers are fulfilled by Coinbase. Using a Coinbase account for your transfer will be free. However, wallet transfers will incur blockchain fees, which may vary. An estimated surcharge will be added. If fees are less, the difference will be refunded, and if more, the difference will come out of your remaining balance.

Unlike bitcoin, the fees for Litecoin should be as the name implies, lighter.

Enjoy! :tada:


Great !