IMPORTANT! please read so you don't miss out!

This forum is for members to showcase what they got from R1! Congratulations to everyone for their efforts, we love seeing what you guys all get :slight_smile:

Please note that any posts not pertaining to the topic (asking about a reward, showing pending rewards, etc) will be removed.

Picture Testimonial Promotional

If we use your picture testimonial in any way (eg. hall of fame, landing pages, etc) we will pay you $2 R1 cash. If the picture has YOU in it we’ll hook you up with with $5 R1 cash!

To qualify:

  • create a post in this forum with the pic(s) linked or embedded
  • the pic must show the reward(s) you received
  • the pic must also have a [fan] sign crediting Rewards1 with your username on it. Computer printed signs are ok, altering an image with text (ie. photoshop) is not.

Submissions will be judged on 3 criteria:

  • Picture Quality - is everything clear and well lit?
  • Fan Sign - creativity counts. hand created > computer generated. words/writing must be easily visible.
  • Forum Post - express your r1 experience. what you say will be quoted in the Hall of Fame and shared with new users so make it memorable!

Youtube Video Offer

Create a YouTube video testimonial of your reward that you got from us (eg. unboxing, receiving, using it) and get paid $2 R1 cash! If your video has YOU in it, get $5 R1 cash! Post your video to YouTube and link to it from a testimonial post here using BBCode (eg. [ youtube]encoded-url-part-only[/youtube]).

To qualify, your video must be a genuine reward testimonial, including:

  • Video must be clear and of reasonable length (No 5 second clips)
  • Audio must be of you, clearly speaking, eg. no voice mods or synths
  • No videos of pictures
  • Clearly title the video describing your testimonial and include "Rewards1" in the title.
  • Do not include any ref links OTHER THAN your R1 ref link.
  • Video must not include any copyrighted content or violate Youtube's TOS/AUP in any way.
By submitting a testimonial (video, picture or otherwise) you agree that it may used for promotion or marketing purposes for this site.

First Reward!!! Amazon Gift Card

Thanks Rewards1!!! I was a bit skeptical at first about this website, but you proved me wrong :-O; and I’m not ashamed to admit it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: