How to get SimPoints on - The Sims 3

[SIZE=“3”]Welcome to my guide on how to redeem SimPoints on[/SIZE]
[SIZE=“4”]Custom Order Guide[/SIZE]

Please note that you have to earn the equivalent value in points BEFORE you can Redeem.

[SIZE=“3”]About The Sims 3[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“3”]WTF is… The Sims 3?[/SIZE]
The Sims 3, is a simulation game that gives anyone the tools to play with life. Players can create unique Sim characters and control their lives, customizing everything from their appearances, to their personalities, and even the home of their dreams.

[SIZE=“3”]WTF is… SimPoints?[/SIZE]
You can use SimPoints to purchase exciting new content for your game. Enrich your Sims’ lives with all-new clothing, hair-styles, furniture and more from The Sims 3 Store. New items are added every month. With The SimsPoints, you may purchase items from The Sims 3 Store without the need of a credit card. SimPoints can be purchased at


[SIZE=“3”]How to redeem The Sims 3 SimPoints with CUSTOM ORDER?[/SIZE] can give SimPoints as a gift. For R1 to give an item as a gift, you must provide the following:

Choose any FREE SimPoints Bundle?
[SIZE=“3”] <—(Custom Order)[/SIZE]

Current SimPoints pricing for America:

|Name: The Sims 3 SimPoints Bundle
|Total Points: To calculate your budget, one point is worth $0.01 USD.
|Message: Your EA Origin username. You must be a player already.[/INDENT]

Note: Requests from non preferred vendors take longer to process.

Awesome guide!

can i get sim points

I get this question occasionally, will link people to this guide in the future :slight_smile:

Same old pimp

How does this work? Does R1 buy the simpoints and gift it or something?