Hideout.TV Payout Percentage Increase

We have just increased Hideout TV payout percentage to 85%!! :smiley:

However, as a result of this change we’ve had to make adjustments elsewhere:

  1. Hideout payouts will no longer be counted towards your Cashout6 Bonus.
  2. Referral rev-share percentage on Hideout earnings will be decreased from 20% to 10%.

so is there a way to keep track of hideout points?

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not any more or less than any other partner as viewed from rewards1.com/events/earnings (History from account menu) with the “Surveys & Offer” filter selected.

its basically what you’d see when you get an event notification


The rewards you will get for watching one video will be less than $0.1 . In fact, when I tested it, I had to watch around 15-20 videos (including a lot of ads) to earn points worth $0.15. So, you won’t be able to earn a decent amount without spending a lot of time on it.

@lakne0349 Hideout pays out on ads watched not videos, 3 ads watched give you 9 hideout points which convert to 0.85 r1 points
the number of ads you see also depends on other variables such as location, channel/sister site used, and general availability of ads
It is passive earnings ie you leave it running in a different browser or use their firestick app as it needs to be an active window and just check it every now and then