Ethereum Cryptocurrency Now Available!

hot on the heels of litecoin, we now offer variable amount ETHEREUM (ETH) as a reward :grin:

users wanting to stake, get nfts, do contracts, etc. can now get ether 2.0 courtesy of Coinbase. this means that Coinbase to Coinbase email account transfers are free!

as with our other cryptos:

  1. you may select any amount you want, so long as you observe the minimum payout. for rank 1&2 it’s 500 points. for rank 3+ it’s 0.0015 ETH, conveniently calculated for you on the claim page, currently 158 points. (we’ll see how well this ages.)
  2. on chain transfers, ie. to your eth wallet address, will incur a fee. any remainder from the fee surcharge is refunded if actual fees are less than predicted. points will be deducted from your account if fees are greater than predicted.

happy ether’ing! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:slight_smile: noice

wow.thank you so much

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