[Discontinued] Mentoring Program

[SIZE=“4”]The mentor program has been discontinued. Please see this thread for more information.[/SIZE]

im interested, if i qualify i would like to be a mentor :smiley:

i’m interested too. i’m in!

Yeah, sounds great.

I am interested, if I qualify I will not let you down :wink:

Im interested!

I’m interested. Sounds like a great way to keep the new people that come every day. That means they won’t get frustrated and give up like 50% of the new people that sign up every day.

All of a sudden the forum is interesting… funny…

I’m interested and i would have quite a bit of time on my hands to be a mentor.
I have been here over a year and i would be able to do about 30mins of mentor per day (maybe more) but i would only be a mentor if i got paid a fair amount of points of cash.
Please apply me as a mentor as I would help people very well and I know a fair amount about rewards1 and how it works.


Im very interested just let me know when and were i am very active :smiley:

Ahh, I’m just missing the senior requirement of 2 months, otherwise i would be very interested.

Sounds like a great idea though.

Sounds like a win-win situation. Count me in :smiley:

Count me in as well.

Very Interested in Mentor Program.

i would love to help or mentor the new rookies in any way possible,im very interested in this position!!

Unless you have found more qualified people, I would love to do this.

Can I join

even though im not a qualified can i join cuz i know a lot about this site and i have been helping people in the chat bar

Your Great Search is over Dotti:P

Iam interested :slight_smile:

Hi I would really like to become a mentor so I can help others earn many prizes from rewards1 and enjoy it the way I have. I hope I qualify I have been waiting to become a mentor and I know there are lots of rookies that need help because a lot of my referrals ask for help and I know how they feel because when I was a rookie I really need help but did not get much from many higher ranked members. Hope I get to be a mentor!