Custom Paypal is back!

we have brought back custom Paypal cashouts!

users who are rank 3 and up may now cashout Paypal for any amount you want over $2. yes, we have lowered minimum cashouts to $2! only for Paypal tho as most other rewards such as gift cards, game codes, virtual Visa, etc. are restricted to $5 minimum denominations.

you will be allowed to make 2 custom Paypal cashouts a day, and there’s a maximum cashout limit which is dependent on rank:
rank 3 = $20
rank 4 = $50
rank 5 = $75
rank 6 & 7 = $100

so for example a rank 6 user may redeem a maximum of $200 Paypal per day.

cashout limits for those outside the US will be half of the amounts listed above.

and yes, instant prizes has been moved to rank 3

enjoy! :slight_smile:


@blue a happy penguin

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