Bitcoin Is Back!

after a long hiatus, we’re excited to announce that :tada: instant bitcoin :confetti_ball: is back*!!


rank 1 and 2 users have a 500 point minimum when redeeming for bitcoin, and will be processed manually ie not eligible for instant cashout

rank 3 and above have a 0.0001 btc minimum, which is helpfully calculated on the bitcoin prize page.


we use Coinbase for transfers, so if you have a Coinbase account then your transaction is free. Enter your Coinbase email under your Account Information page to engage this offchain, fee-less option.

we can also transfer btc to your wallet. this option, however, incurs blockchain fees, which vary. an estimate of the fee will be added as a surcharge, and adjusted after the transfer once the actual fee is known. you’ll be refunded the difference if the fee is less than the surcharge. however, if transfer fees are more than the surcharge, the difference will come out of your remaining balance.

please enjoy :grinning: :grinning:

*to clarify, bitcoin has always been a redeem option, available through custom order :wink: