2018 Summer Contest & Giveaways

its officially summer and we all know what that means - its time to win some free money! :smiley:

[SIZE=“4”]Earnings Contest[/SIZE]

complete surveys, coin offers and offers to be entered into the earnings contest. whoever earns the most will win cash money! as always, we’ll hold 2 separate contest: one for our US members, and one for INTL!

Place - US - Intl
1st - $150 - $60
2nd - $110 - $30
3rd - $85 - $26
4th - $75 - $23
5th - $60 - $20
6th - $45 - $15
7th - $40 - $12
8th - $37 - $10
9th - $33 - $9
10th - $30 - $9
11th - $29 - $8
12th - $28 - $7
13th - $27 - $6
14th - $26 - $5
15th - $25 - $4
16th - $23 - $3
17th - $20 - $3
18th - $18 - $2
19th - $16 - $2
20th - $15 - $2

[SIZE=“4”]Referral Bonus[/SIZE]

refer more than 15 active members and you’ll earn an extra 25% on all your referral earnings made during the contest period.

to count as an active referral, they must complete at least one survey, offer, or coin offer within the contest period.

[SIZE=“4”]Daily Giveaway[/SIZE]

we’ll also be hosting our ever-popular daily giveaway: 5 draws daily for $0.50!

earn at least 50 pts ($0.50) to get a ticket into that days draw. every 50 pts ($0.50) earned gets you one ticket. you may enter as many times as you like, but may win at most twice per day.


contest period: monday june 25, 12am (morning) to monday sept 10 11:59pm (midnight)
all times are pacific time zone
winners will be subject to sponsor checks

have a great summer everyone :slight_smile:

Let the games begin!


Sweet! Good luck everyone!

The referral “contest” shouldn’t be called a contest, but like a “bonus period”

Here we go again!

“Dynastuz” shouldn’t be called a Dynastuz, but like a “Humantuz”


Awesome! Good luck everybody.


Terrible. I wish everyone the worst of luck.

SO EXCITED for the contest! YAY!

Nice meme.

SO EXCITED for the contest! YAY!


Minons and a dancing potato!!! Nice gifs joni!

good luck all! dyna stop getting ahead of me lol.

Good luck all!

SO EXCITED for the contest! YAY!

Nice meme.[/QUOTE]

how are you excited when u aren’t even doing banes?

come back please !

[QUOTE=FORCE;51944]how are you excited when u aren’t even doing banes?

come back please ![/QUOTE]

that minions gif is jonis not awes.

i’m not cookin sirloins either

good luck everyone contest is almost over!!!

thanks to everyone for participating in the summer earn and refer contests!

Prizes will be handed out after tomorrow (the 15th) while we wait for sponsor confirmation.

[SIZE=14px]Thank you for hosting the contest![/SIZE]

Looking forward to the prizes!