2017 xmas haul late post

[SIZE=“5”]Thanks Rewards1! Bought all my Christmas gifts all thanks to Rewards1! There were more gifts I lost the pics =([/SIZE]

Uniqlo Nintendo Shirts

Sasuke & Kakashi shirts

Chocolates and Coffee Crisp Gift set

Sailormoon Haul( Socks, Cards, Notepad, Coffee mug, Keychains )

Sailmoon shirt and Harry Potter Scraf (Slytherin)

Bow ring

Fingerlings (Unicorn and Finn Baby Monkey)

Prada perfumes miniatures, Face masks

[SIZE=“5”]There are a lot more gifts i lost pics to tons of clothes etc.

Thanks to R1 I was able to get gifts for family and friends for xmas!

Much love <3[/SIZE]

Nice job Cin, cool stuff!

Sweet haul and I especially like your xmas tree drawing skills. xD

Very nice! Reminds me I need some cool shirts :wink:

[SIZE=“6”]wow so many prizes, GJ BOOB!!![/SIZE]