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coolprize has a little shameless behaviour in the past

ok so 10 codes for $5 amazon? sound good? fair?

think about it this way, you spend a dollar on one point in the store, but with my deal since your not actually getting the coke with it its half price.

sound right da?
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Uhh no.
The cap in store doesn't cost a dollar, the drink does.
Each code is 3 points and a coupon for a coke is 24 pts.
20oz coke cost 1.50 (in nyc) Plus because no one want to pay full price so take 50% off 1.50/8.
So each code is 10 cents at most.

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They are worth like $0.50 together...

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yeah O_O i wouldnt buy 10 coke caps for 5 bucks rofl

3 pts per code is what lastwill says.. that's 30 pts.

24 to get a free coke?

a coke costs... meh 1.39 ??

so you're lucky if you get that.

idk why anyone would BUY that though and just get a coke, because then they're just basically buying a coke the hard way rather than going to the store and purchasing it

so yeah you should sell for about 50 cents at the most

if you dont wanna sell, then you should consider doing them in a contest. ppl will plus rep ya
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