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Default The rules, The regulations: A Precise definition Rewards1 Forums

Okay, the community discussion section has been OVERHAULED with stickies, a few of which were my fault so what i'll do is compile them all here with links to the originals and keep this one locked...sounds like a plan eh?


The links to the original threads:
Advertising/Spamming -

Where to post -

PM safelisting -

Reiteration of the rules -

Repuation abuse -

Reputation -

Hateration -


A list of potentially trusted members. Outdated(?) but still useful. -

A list of account phishers, what to look for -

Scammers and their scams -

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Default PM safelisting

Originally posted by Pyros HERE.

Please remember that forum users are people and that your should respect that they are people too. This means that trying to spam PMs in order to get a quick referral when it is unwarranted is not allowed. Nor is trying to go and harass someone through their PMing system like some people here do. For the most part, PM harassment is reported and dealt with (that I know of lol) but the advertisement of ref links when users do NOT want to be advertised to should not be allowed.

Below I have created two social groups that might help out with this situation:

The PM Safelist and the PM Spam list

The descriptions have been given already BUT I will reiterate them here for the sake of you people. PM Safelisting means that any user caught violating the said description of the group will be infracted immediately upon report. No exceptions. However, as this is based on user REPORTING these PMs this also means that if users were to not report them and took your advertisements, spam, rep PMing, or harassments lightly then there is no problem. This also means that users on the safelist can and will by all means ask for people to PM them something they want at no cost.

The PM Spam Listing: Gloves off go crazy no one cares about your PM box. Oh... and dont get smart with me saying you can advertise, spam, or harass my PM now. Its only cuz I'm the creator of the group that I'm there.

Advertisers, spammers, etc. Watch who you PM now, make sure that when you are PMing people about something unorthodox that they are not in the former list. If they are on neither list and there is a complaint then that'd be a warning only ^^

In any case pick your poison and lets play a game.


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Default Reiteration of the rules

Originally posted by Hightower HERE.

Hey everyone!

First of all i'd just like to say thankyou to everyone for being so accepting of mine and EternalLight's appointment as moderator, you've made our job far easier!

Okay, as of the past few weeks the forums had been going downhill so with the introduction of new moderations I thought why not make a post just explaining the rules and the consequences of breaking them.

Okay many people believe that all 'swear' words are strictly forbidden on the forums but this is not the case. In some instances we can allow the use of these words, for example, if a user was to say:

Holy s**t rewards1 is awesome, i can't believe my prize came so quick!.
Generally, we would allow this to an extent, however if the user is going crazy on the profanities we will look into warning them so if you must express your excitement/happiness in this way, keep it at a respectable level.

Now whilst this is allowed, using an explicit word as a direct insult to another member of the forums is strictly against the rules and will be punished, no need for examples here I imagine. Also, it is not just 'swear' words which are deemed as offensive, any mention of a religion or medical condition/disability as an insult will not be tolerated.

Forum Etiquette - Stolen from Muggsy stolen from Eric Sherman

Long Quotes: When quoting a post another user has made, it is generally better for the thread if you delete all the sentences you are not referring to in a post. Also remove pictures from quotes, we have seen them already.
Referral Links: Any link placed on the board be it referral or your business is a ref link. You benefit from them going to your link, don't do them.
Spam Posts: Repeating the same point 5 or 6 times is spam. This can be a member posting the same exact message on several threads, or a number of users posting the exact same thing as another user. Such as telling somebody ref links aren't allowed, and then three others repeating this.
Learn to Type: The majority of this forum was in agreement. Try and keep grammar the best you can. No text talk, preferably spelling most of your words as correctly as you can make them. It's just easier for us to read, not to mention we will take you more seriously.
Post Count Doesn't Matter: Please do not spam the boards to get a higher count. If you want to get a higher post count, helpful posts are the way to go!
Bumping Threads: Everybody is anxious to get their name out there on the new forum they just joined. Don't get off on a bad foot by bumping all the old topics from weeks or months ago.
YouTube Videos: Do not creating new threads with links to your YouTube videos asking if it's good, or asking us for comments and ratings. There is a stickied thread under Referral Talk sub forum where you can ask people to view and rate your thread (


This is the consistent posting of unecessary 'junk' usually for the sole purpose of increasing your post count. Threads like this are obvious to moderators (mainly as they are usually posted in the wrong section) and such threads will be closed/deleted shortly after they have been created. I cannot stress hard enough that Post counts do not have any importance to your credibility on the forums.

This has been a growing problem on these forums recently. I will say simply that the advertising of another GPT or freebie site is strictly against the rules even if you tell people to PM you for the link or put this in your signature, you are at risk of receiving infraction points and even a ban. This includes saying to people:
I'll pay you X amount of dollars if you complete an offer on a site for me.
Talks about off-site GPT's will not be allowed and no asking for PMs or posting of referral links. In order to reduce the number of PTC and GPT site mentions we will be issuing two day bans for users that violate this particular rule.

Illegal activity
By this I mean the posting of links where you may download full versions of retail programmes such as photoshop, tubeincreaser, etc and also links to music and mp3 downloads. This is a friendly community where we do not wish to encourage law breaking.

Many threads have been popping up regarding scams and arguments between different members of the forum. As many of you know, we've put in Member Services and a Buy/Sell/Trade section onto the forum. We encourage you to be very cautious and careful when using one of these sections. It is a risk you're taking and it will be your responsibility to take care of it. Any threads regarding scamming will be closed upon opening.

What are the consequences?
Well should you break these rules you are at risk of receiving an infraction point from any of the moderators and administrators and a repetition of such behaviour will result in a banning of your forum account and possibly your actual rewards1 points account.

Trading, buying, and selling has gone a bit downward as many people have gone out and scammed many others. This leads to different threads being created regarding this. It is highly recommended you take your trading to a certified community where trading has a more solid base. Again, trade at your own risk, it is your responsibility and your choice to do so. R1 is not responsible for any exchanges gone wrong.

Rewards1 is a place to get free stuff, it is not a place to buy free stuff.

Forum Rules:

These are the main points that I believe we need to work towards changing, but it cannot be done without all of your help! Should you see anything we have missed I encourage you to contact myself via PM or any of the other moderators (preferably which ever one is online at the time).

Thank you and I look forward to a better forums!

P.S: If any of the other moderators have anything to add to this, then feel free to do so!

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Default Where to post

Originally posted by Hightower HERE.

Okay guys, i haven't bored you all with one of my 'rules' threads for a while but it's finally got a bit much.

I just want to take a few seconds to explain where you should and shouldn't post things due to the fact that many members are seemedly not thinking before posting even those with over 1,000 posts which shocks me a bit. So here goes:

News, Announcements & Contests:
This section isn't one of my concerns as you are not able to create threads here, only admins and mods can. This is where the administrators and staff will post all Rewards1 updates and contests.

Community Discussion:
Okay, this is where the majority of the problems are. This section is for rewards1 chat ONLY not for talking about games or asking questions it is where you will talk amongst yourselves about the latest updates to the site, other members, etc.

Referral Talk:
Self explanatory, you can talk about your refs here and where you can also give away FREE tactics (not sell them).

Look What I Got:
You should post pictures and testimonials about prizes you have RECEIVED here, not ones which have just been fulfilled or are still processing (these should be posted in community discussion).

Member Services:
Here is where you can post threads about rewards1 related sales for example if you wanted to sell a referral guide or any other service which relates to rewards1 this is where it goes.

This one doesn't really need to be explained, if you want to suggest a new prize, vendor or forum adjustment then please post it here.

Ask any questions related to rewards1 here such as help with offers and prize claims.

Tips From The Pros:
Post all of your tutorials on completing offers, etc here, easy peasy!

General Discussion:
okay, here is where most of the threads in community discussion SHOULD be, by that i mean posting of funny videos, coke rewards codes and anything that isn't related remotely to rewards1.

Post about your favourite games and consoles here. Wether it's xbox 360, ps3 or any other console feel free to express your opinions here....but try not to start a console war!

As the forum page says talk about 'Movies, Music, Sports, Celebrities, Etc.' keep everything clean please.

Introduce Yourself:
Just signed up to the forums? Just make a quick thread introducing yourself, it's a good way to get to know your first few members around the forums.

Buy 'n Sell 'n Trade:
Okay if you're selling something like an amazon or ebay giftcard post it here, however the staff at rewards1 cannot be responsible if anyone attempts to scam you here, so be careful and enquire wether a member is trusted before trading with them.

Sorry to have to make another sticky to add to the ever-growing collection, i will be sorting them out soon!

Thankyou for reading,
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Default Reputation

Originally posted by jspike44 HERE.


So Pyros has added "Reputation" on these forums. There is a little green mark underneath your name. Right now it is green. That means you have one rep. If people give you Rep, your bar increases and turns into a yellow colour, meaning you have a better reputation. I'm glad this is implemented, but I can see some issues.

1. Do not beg for reputation. If you are begging, your are trying too hard. People that don't beg are the ones who deserve rep.

2. Do not PM people or start a "Rep Trading" Thread. I can see this happening in the near future. That completely ruins the whole concept of this.

3. DO NOT abuse this! I see posts like this all the time:
Originally Posted by blademogisthis View Post
ill let you in if you give good rep to all jip members.

That is completely unnecessary and is abusing the whole concept of this! Do not do this, or your rep should go down. If anyone has suspicions of people like this, Post here, get the names out, or go straight to me or Pyros directly. I will send all suspicions I have, along with yours to Pyros, if necessary.

Since we are now able to see the User that gave us bad comments, we will see that people try to do this...

That is real disturbing and unfortunately NOC Reaper put that comment on before we are able to see user names. He stated, "You like balls" from this first post, trying to help other users.

Why did he do this?
He did this because he wanted to boost himself up farther in the rankings, by taking other people down.
If he did this to anyone else, contact me ASAP. I dont want to hear from NOC in this thread, at all. He knew what he was doing at the time, nothing can convince me that what he did was right.

So how does this work?
Reputation now has a couple levels. See Pyros' updated Reputation thread HERE

How do we handle people like this?
Well we give them bad rep in return. Plus, if people go public about this, hopefully they get the bad feedback they deserve worse. What I think of NOC has completely changed. I though he was descent but things like this show people's true colors.
How do I give rep?
There is a button beside the reporting posts. You click it and then it will ask you if you approve this user's post. You can choose, "Yes" or "No". Then you give some comments. Pyros said that Negative Reputation does not affect you, yet!

How do I know if I have rep?
Click on your own Give Rep button, and you will see, "You have 10 rep points." or however many you have. I believe everyone sarts out with 10 points.

How do I know who gave me rep?
We don't know, but if you go to your User CP and at the very bottom of the page, it will say "Latest Reputation". It will show the comment (if there was a comment), but not the user's name. You will see what kind of reputation you got:
Blue- Positive Rep from a Junior Member

Pyros has his new thread above, but i believe to be an Elite Member you have to have 100 rep points.
LEVEL 1: Noob -different color and no sig
LEVEL 2: Then Senior member can give rep that counts, have sig
0-50 rep-`Name Here` is on a distinguished road
50-100 rep- `Name here`is going to become famous soon enough
Then I believe that 100 rep gets you to elite!

The bottom line:
+Go to people right now you think that deserve rep. Give them reputation for your reasons.
+Do not give reputation to scammers, liers, or beggers. Even if they will give something in return.
+Give reputation to people who you trust, that help the forums, and are good leaders in the forum, and are there to help.
+This isn't about groups giving rep to each other, solely for the purpose of trustworthiness.

Limits on why you can give negative rep/positive rep (I can see this abused quite easily)

[Pyros Edit]

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Originally posted by Pyros HERE.

Spamming users with PMs and Threads with CLOSE TIES to advertising is DISALLOWED. Users may receive infractions, warnings, or bans depending on severity level. Of course we are not disallowing all forms of it, if you are unsure then ask. To make this more clear, you CAN ADVERTISE certain things (a buy sell trade) but you cannot advertise say a forum or another GPT site. If you wish to continue your advertising of such things please do so in the spam list group I have created. HOWEVER, I practice leniency remember that!

1) Spamming PMs with advertisement is NOT ALLOWED. 1 day bans are to be issued out if you are caught spamming another user's PM. Not only that, each consecutive crime will cost you another day's worth of ban (aka the second time is 2 days, if you are reported 30 times then you get a 30 day ban.)
2) Spamming Threads based on advertising another forum is disallowed. 2 Day bans issued for this
3) Reiterating my previous rule. Any GPT/PTC Thread made that is NOT Rewards1 and does not contribute to the community nor is it constructive will receive a 2 day ban as well.
4) Advertising websites (personal or other) in signatures is allowed and tolerated. However, at the request of any mod of admin you must remove them.
5) We will consider "advertisement" based on the intention of the Thread and PM. THIS THREAD is a great example of a thread that is NOT advertising ;D. Sure it contains reference to another site but it has nothing to do with advertising the aforementioned site. Please use this as a reference on what is acceptable and what is not.
6) No forum based threads. That is no threads are allowed to be put up for the purpose of recruiting more members their own respective forums. This is Rewards1 Forums, stop trying to leech its users. However, we will tolerate a thread asking for suggestions or opinions BUT it will be subject to being closed 3-7 days after the thread has been posted. 2 day bans for rule breaking.

Also, Juan1234 is Blade (not blademog ;D). Anyways, I allowed Blade to use that particular banned account to root out any users that were spamming new or old members with PMs advertising different sites and forums. As well he was supposed to help me uncover scams as they come along.

Sorry for not informing everyone earlier about this, lol yeah bad move on my part >.> esp considering that we uncovered like... nothing lol.

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Default Hateration

"using an explicit word as a direct insult to another member of the forums is strictly against the rules and will be punished, no need for examples here I imagine. Also, it is not just 'swear' words which are deemed as offensive, any mention of a religion or medical condition/disability as an insult will not be tolerated."

Some people seemed to have forgot about this rule.

and this is just a reminder for everybody

hateful or threatening talk to or about other members is not tolerated


For the lulz.
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