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Exclamation How to get easy referrals(my guide with no spam links)

About why I am releasing this info to you

Like many others in the freebie world I was struggling to find those needed referrals. After months of testing the best ways, I can get hundreds. Other experienced members want to keep secret, I have Released them to the world - for free. You'll be getting hundreds of referrals, starting today...

How To Get Referrals

Try to get on board with as many of these as you can. I suggest printing it out so you can easily refer to it and just go down the list one by one. It takes some time, but the results will astound you.

1. - Obvious enough, another very similar community. Post your url in new blog posts, in bulletins, in groups, and anywhere else that you can get away with it. Check your links once you post them, Myspace has been known to block links to Rewards1 in messages and on profiles.

2. - Yet another large online community, and a good place to recruit if you already have a friend base here... Or sign up for a new account and start spreading your referral URL anywhere you can.

3. - Same as above.

4. - Same as above.

5. - Same as above.

6. - Same as above.

7. - Same as above.

8. - Same as above.

9. - Same as above.

10. - Same as above.

11. - Same as above

12. - Same as above.

13. - Same as above.

14. - Same as above.

15. - Same as above.

16. - Same as above.

18. - A large community of musicians, bands, and listeners.

19. - Another music based community.

20. - The best kept secret of online marketing. Post a few ads on craigslist in the "services offered" category about making money online, social networking or Rewards1, make sure to use keywords in your title and post. Include a few links using your referral url with the same keywords as your title and watch your downline grow. Hint: Search engines index craigslist ads, your ads will have a good chance at making the first couple pages for what ever keywords you optimized for.

21. - Same as above.

22. - Same as above.

23. - Same as above.

24. - Same as above.

25. - Same as above.

26. - Same as above.

27. - Same as above.

28. - Same as above.

29. - Same as above.

30. - Same as above.

31. - Same as above.

32. - Same as above.

33. - Same as above.

34. - Same as above.

35. - Same as above.

36. - Same as above.

37. - Same as above.

38. - Same as above.

39. - Same as above.

40. - Same as above.

41. - Same as above.

42. - Are you into making movies? Well its time to get started. Make a few videos and upload them to youtube, make sure to put your Rewards1 referral URL first thing in the description. Youtube is one of the most popular sites on the internet, use it to your advantage. Also try to use a very catchy starting image, keyword filled description, and keyword tags to get more views.

43. - Same as above.

44. - Same as above.

45. - Same as above.

46. - Same as above.

47. - Same as above.

48. - Same as above.

49. - Same as above.

50. - Same as above.

51. - Same as above.

52. - Same as above.

53. - Same as above.

54. - Same as above.

55. - Build a free page about Rewards1, about social networking, or making money online. Search engines also like Squidoo, remember to think about keywords in a the title, content and links.

56. - A perfect place to start your own free blog about Rewards1, about social networking, or about making money online. Include your referral code here and there and submit your posts to,, and

57. - A forum about making money online. Here you will find many people looking to make easy money from home... a perfect place to spread your Rewards1 links. Make sure to add your Rewards1 url in your signature.

58. - Same as above.

59. - MyLot is simply a discussion forum where you can get paid to start and respond to discussions.

60. Instant messenger - A free method but which does not get a lot of green referrals. Try and talk to people on your instant messenger and show them the proof of the freebie process works. Be friendly and give them advice. Try to convince them that freebies aren’t a scam and reassure them that you can help along the process. Remember to give them your referral link.

61. Website SEO guide - Whether you have a website explaining the idea or a domain that redirects to your referral links you need to promote and draw visitors to your site. Search engines are one of the most used websites in the World and can draw massive traffic to your website. But you have to be high up in the rankings and be one of the first websites that catch the user’s eye. To do this you need to Search engine optimise. Now I can’t go into detail about SEO but I can supply a link to help you. This ebook is sold on eBay and fetches a few Bucks/Pounds/Bills every time. But here’s a link where it’s yours free.

(Download the SEO made easy ebook)

This ebook will guide you through the easy steps to success. You will boost you search engine traffic and drive people to your referral links.

62. Business cards - Another day, another method. This is been described as the best and most successful referral technique ever. Business cards are way to promote your referral site offline. Add your referral link to your business cards and distribute them in crowded spots, people say outside game shops gets the referrals flowing. Also you can leave them in visible places that people may pick them up.

Luckily Vista Print gives away 250 colour customised business cards totally free. But you do have to pay for the postage.

63. website address guide - With all referral sites we are given a link to refer others. For example It’s boring and people will not remember the whole address. Maybe just the but not the important part, your the referral link.

That’s why people opt for purchasing a smaller domain. You can pay or get one for free. Either way you can redirect to your referral link. For example redirects to my referral link at It is short, easy to remember and people don’t realised it’s a referral link at all.

Of course I had to pay for as it is a domain.
These offer a sense of security and reassurance to a sceptical referral. If you would rather get your referrals for free hence the term “freebie” try using services like .tk and These are free but may require pop up ads on your site. Paid domains can be bought from 1& for a small price.

In the competitive referral market today, you need to stand out, offer something different. Something people will remember. This is why I think paid domains are a good investment, if you choose a catchy name that serves its purpose. Please comment on your views.
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64. Mobile Bluetooth - To continue our fabulous array of referral getting techniques, here is a slighting wild and wacky approach, it’s free and will only take up a few minutes of your time. This technique will not start the greens flying but will generate a steady flow of referrals for your account.

If your phone has Bluetooth you may be able to tap into the modern generation of technology users. Set your phones device id as your referral address. For example this would be Better yet use a shorter domain such as

(To read my guide on domain names please view part 63.)

Leave your Bluetooth on all day and as people search for devices they will see your address. It’s a free way to distribute your links offline to the modern technology market. If you visit crowded areas the more exposure you will get. Try your school, college or workplace for the best effect.

65. The freebie guide - Do you want to get your first freebies today? but don't know where to start, download the freebie guide and start your journey for freebies.

To find out more download the guide for hints, tips and expert knowledge so you can your freebies faster!

If you got any Bit-Gamer or Blackcats-Games Invite Codes PM ME HERE or click HERE
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can i earn coins with making movies for youtube about Rewards1???
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Just like youtube
rep is for aliens and hippies.

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Seen quite a few of these before on an online blog, but some very good methods in here if you have the patience to go through them!

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or try, just only post in your blogs and videos
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Wow thank you so much I will be busy to night.
Simple money making blog
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after i get my prize i orderd ima have a busy weekend

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cool thing
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Default Refers

What Do u do with the referral link cause i do not know
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