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Angry Not rewarded for larger offers?

Hi, I've only joined up the other day but it does seem a good site apart from when I seem to do surveys for bigger points like 1.50 I dont get the points and the offer stays in my "Active Offers". Is this just a co-incidence and bad luck or is anyone else having these problems?
It's very annoying when you spend ages doing surveys and getting loads of crappy emails and not getting points for it and then being told there's NOTHING Rewards1 can do about it even though I proved I had done the surveys and had the emails, links etc..
ALL the smaller offers I've done I have been awarded within mins and not a problem with one of them just the bigger points ones.
Has anyone else had these problems?
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Only do surveys that have more then 4 stars. Clear your cookies (why the hell are they called cookies anyways?). Use legitimite info 'cause the companies behind the survey can take your points away if they find out you were lying. And keep the survey window for 5 minutes after completetion of the survey :D
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yh take your time when doing big offers - do them at a slower speed and do not rush if there not working move on to a smaller offer gl and all the best
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Thanks Folks, Yeah I did all that stuff well not the 4 stars but will do smaller offers now and bigger star ones.
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