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Default Rewards1 Official Forum Rules - Must Read


  • Rule #1:Posting any competing affiliate referral link is considered spam. Don't do it.
  • Links:Linking to personal sites may be permitted based on content and the users contributions to Rewards1 and the R1 Forum, and are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Flaming: Attacking or posting content with no redeeming value against another user, or Rewards1, is not tolerated. Read that again if you have to. Depending on severity you may be warned, infracted or outright banned.
  • Sharecash: Permitted in, and only senior members may advertise
  • Illegal Activity: Warez, or the trade of any copyrighted content is strictly prohibited. Plus you could go to jail.
  • Multiple Accounts: You may only have one forum account. Make more while banned and we will reward you with a longer ban.

  • Language: Swearing isn't an offense because we all need to express ourselves sometimes, but flaming is.
  • Spam Posts: Random or repetitive posting is not permitted.
  • Type Properly: Correct grammar and spelling goes a long way. Plus no one will ridicule you.
  • Post Count: Do not spam to get a higher post count.
  • Bumping Threads: You may bump your thread once a day. Anymore will be seen as spam
  • Bumping Ancient Threads: Don't do it.
  • Thread Hijacking: means to post irrelevant material in someone else's thread. Not only is this inconsiderate, its spam.
  • Rep Abuse: Do not abuse rep. We will find out and you'll be sorry.
  • Long Quotes: When quoting a lengthy post made by another user, please be considerate and remove all non-relevent text and images.
  • YouTube Video Feedback: If you'd like members to view and critique your video, please visit
  • Commerce: We encourage you to trade, sell, or exchange services. Read each subforum's guidelines carefully to ensure you don't violate any rules. And as always, be cautious of who you trade with. Rewards1 is not responsible for the exchange of services or monies between users.

  • break a rule = infraction
  • buildup of 2 infractions = 30 day ban
  • buildup of 30 day bans = Permanent ban

- This button appears at the bottem of every post. Please use it to report posts which violate our forum rules.

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