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Default Post sum weird facts

I was reading a botany book, and it turns out strawberries aren't actual berries, but a banana is a berry! That is because a berry is a fruit produced from the ovary. Other berries include pumpkin, watermelon, and TOMATOES!

Post other weird facts like this
Originally Posted by Dommzyd View Post
I get jetfuel secretly. Well now it's not so secret I guess.

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Guy's have *****es.
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guys can lactate
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not all muslims are terrorists, weird
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Every electron is everywhere at the same time doing every possible thing at the same time, they are also both waves of possibilities and tiny bits of matter at the same time, freaked me the fvck out when I learned about this(you kinda have to know a little bit about physics for it to freak you out), that and Schrödinger's cat messed with my head, paradoxes are mindblowing.

Watch THIS, it explains it better

Oh and the universe is not infinite by the way
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