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Default 2100 MSP Promotional Code - Get For £7!

Hey Guys

I am selling this code that will allow you to get a 2100 MSP code delivered to your door for just £7. You must be able to pay via credit card. You can use this code ONLY ONCE, and it will allow you a £15 saving on 2100 Microsoft Points from a trusted store!

I will be selling this, for anything you might have to offer. Maybe you can get me some referrals or something? Remember, you ARE NOT buying a 2100 Microsoft Points code, you are buying the information on where you can get a boxed code delivered to you for just £7 GBP. You can use this code more than once though if it is delivered to a different household or you use a different credit card each time.

Please post what you have to offer. I have multiple codes and there were only ever 50 released into the general public. Twister has verified this and I will ask him to post that it is legitimate.


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