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Arrow Premium Referral Guide

This guide is filled with several tactics and tips that you won't find on the Rewards1 website. These are tips that I use to get referrals on any site I go to and have been proven to be successful. Before we start, you need to make sure you are dedicated to getting referrals, so you want start-up and 15 minutes later give up just because you aren't receiving massive amounts of referrals. Also, in my opinion, quality is better than quantity.

All of my websites are hosted on blogspot. It's free and very reliable and you can easily edit the html to your liking. If you do not know much about editing blogspot templates than you'll have to find some online. After you have your template in place, you should edit the html, to add tags and a description to appear on google. These will help boost your website on google and eventually lead to traffic if used correctly. Now, you should start writing quality posts while bolding the keywords. Do not copy posts from other websites, not only is it annoying but it also hurts your website. After you have your quality posts (remember- quality over quantity) you should start advertising. Look at the tips below for some great ways to do so. To summarize, you need to make your website look like a website and feel like a website.

TIP #1- Get a nice template for your blogspot. Don't get an annoying template, especially one that takes a long time to load. I would suggest downloading templates from

TIP #2- Now add a description and keywords to your blog for google. Add these codes under <head> and fill in where I wrote Insert... with your own description and keywords.
<meta content='Insert description here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Insert keywords here' name='keywords'/>

TIP #3- Don't copy post from other websites or you'll hurt your website even more.

TIP #4- This isn't necessary but I suggest purchasing a domain (.com, .net, .info) as it will look more professional and help users decide whether your site is legitimate or not.

TIP #5- Create a favicon. This is the icon that appears on your browsers tabs. Look at my favicon if you need an example. To make a simple favicon or even an animated on like the one on my site, you can use: after you make it upload it to a free host ( and insert into your html.

TIP #6- I would not suggest going after the already dominated niches especially if your a beginner. Free Microsoft Points is difficult niche to get into, not impossible but difficult. Try going for something less popular and move up from there.

TIP #7- Advertising should be done of forums that allow it. Place a link to your website in your signature but don't spam forums. You'll lost the trust of several potential referrals by spamming.

TIP #8- Make a YouTube video dedicated to your website and link it to your website. This will increase traffic and potentially increase your ranking on google.

YouTube is the most popular and most accessible way to get referrals. All you need is internet access and a movie maker. Luckily, most computers come with some type of video editing program, it may be Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. You can easily make a quick video with slides in a couple of minutes and actually have it live within 5 minutes. But that's not what you want, you want a quality video. Download pictures from google of the product you are advertising. If your video is about Free Microsoft Points, get pictures of Microsoft Points and insert captions above them. Make sure the text is easily visible, Red text is not a fan favorite. So, add pictures and try to make them different pictures from other videos. Some people just don't like reading the text, it may get boring. So I suggest adding music. This is difficult because it raises chances of it being removed by flaggers or just being muted. The solution to this can be found in the tips below. Now that you have added audio, some pictures, your video is ready to go online. Make sure you have a nice video description to go with the video with either your referral link or website link.

TIP #1- Make the video stand out and it will receive views. Just be patient. Also, with the new YouTube, you can "Like" your own video.

TIP #2- YouTube ranks your videos based on views, likes, and favorties, the more activity on your video the higher you'll rank on YouTube.

TIP #3- If you're going to use audio, try using good songs that aren't too popular. If you're into rap, try using music from mixtapes like freestyles that are less likely to be removed because of copyright.

TIP #4- A better solution tip 3 above would be using YouTube's AudioSwap feature to add music to your video that is allowed to be used on YouTube. There is music from every genre and this will most like safe guard your video when it comes down to audio copyright.

TIP #5- Ask friends, or other forum members you trust to like and comment on your video. But only show people you trust because some people will flag videos that are competition.

TIP #6- Don't make your video too long, try to keep it under 1:30 and get to the point to avoid losing the attention of potential referrals.

TIP #7- Still having trouble making a video? Use to start creating videos, this is a free service that actually makes pretty decent videos for you. Just add the text and picture files and the video will be generated very quickly and easily. The only down part is, as this is a free service, the video can only be up to 30 to 35 seconds.

TIP #8- The longer your video has been up, the harder it will be to remove for the people who flag competition, so you may want to advertise later. But it may also be harder to boost up through advertising if its old.

TIP #9- A lot of users offer their referrals a prize if they complete certain requirments. This is ok to do as long you fullfil your side of the deal. If you offer 1600 Microsoft Points for every 20 offers completed then you have to give them that prize if they pass the 20 offers. Some referrals don't complete the offers so you shouldn't give them the code. This may seem deceiving so if they do not complete all the requirements, but at least attempted to, the least you could do is spare a code of lesser value.

This is a project I have been working on and so far this have proven to be successful. What I do to boost my YouTube videos is embed them in the website it's about. So if I made a free Microsoft points video, I would embed it in a free Microsoft Points website. Not only will this bring in a new source of views but it may boost my YouTube rank as well. This has not been proven, but it is what I have been doing. This works especially if your site gets a decent amount of traffic. More views from the site add on to my YouTube videos views and overall popularity therefore boosting my video.

TIP #1- I usually don't do this but you can make your videos auto play so whenever someone visits your site, it will play the video. It may be annoying to some but it might catch the attention of others.

TIP #2- The more sites you embed the video on the better. Just make sure they are based on similar subjects like the example above.

TIP #3- Don't make a bunch of websites just to embed it though, make sure they are quality websites

Just some extra tips. Stick to one project at a time. When you feel like its successful enough to leave it on "auto-pilot" then move on to your next project. This will stop you from becoming too busy and forgeting about other projects you had already started. Don't spam your referral link and don't argue with potential referrals. You can use every referral possible. Also don't attempt to cheat since that will get you banned, trust me, you will get caught.

For more awesome referral guides, check out the Elite Referring forum in my sig!
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This sounds like what ive been looking for. Thank you. I will put this plan into effect soon enough. And yea you're right, not even 30 views in and my youtube video got taken down XD.
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