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Default SA Clan!!!

So here it is. I'm making a clan for Stick Arena. If you don't know what Stick Arena (SA) is, it's a bird's eye view, beat-em-up type of game. You basically get weapons and go around killing other stick figures.

So to join the clan, here's what you need to do.

Click here (open in a new tab/window) and click Create Account. Enter all your details and color of your circle or whatever you want to call it. Make sure to add xr1x before your name. That is the clan insignia.

Once you're logged in, change your world to U of SA (top right). Now, click Join Private. Type this: r1 members and there you have it! Now, enjoy the game and read the instructions below the game if you need help.

My name on SA is xr1xdarkfox32

I'll be back in about 15 min. Post your name here if you're playing.

If you can't enter the room it's probably because it's not there (I'm afk and the room ended or I got d/c'd). In that case, create your own room and tell people the name of the room on this thread.
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i'm not putting xr1x b4 my name. i'll just kick your ass in sa. my name i think is the same or close to the same
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