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Originally Posted by cooleoboy1000 View Post
Would someone change their IP address, make a new email address, and verify their email address for 10-25 cents. That would be a big hassle. Plus they have to enter a valid home address that is different from the R1 account they allready have. That's a lot of work.
Actually yeah they would
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Alexa rank is a good indicator of how many visators a site gets.

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Originally Posted by cooleoboy1000 View Post
Hi to all!
I found a site that pays you per referral!
Why can't R1 do this?
This is a very attractive feature, especially to people that have 1,000+ referrals.
They pay $0.25 per every referral that signs up and logs in once.
Looking at alexa rank, R1 beats them by a ton, but I think that r1 should really do something more for it's referrers.
Eventually, because of the mass competitors, I think that R1 will loose much of their potential users.
If R1 Paid for each referral (even ten cents) that would defiantly increase (greatly) the number of referrals.
Please consider this.
I agree. I have 18 refferals and like no refferal earnings. I mean .10 cents would not even be bad

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