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Default Google is your best friend

Google is honestly the best thing since the creation of the internet. There are MANY ways you can make use of this wonderful site. Today I'll be talking about using it for one particular purpose: Industrial espionage.

When most people think of google, they just use it to search for things like new cars, or the latest games, or famous celeb girls, etc. What most people don't realize is, you can also use google to search for how other referrers are driving traffic.

Y'see, all google does is crawl the net and records everything it sees - and you can pretty easily pull that info up to your advantage. For example, you need to use a specific url to refer people to Rewards1 right? If you're going to blog, video link, forum post, etc. you need to use that "special url" with your referral ID - and guess what, google sees all of that and remembers it. Sooooo... what happens when you search in google:

Now all of a sudden you can see what other people are doing. Pretty crazy eh?

Here's my second followup tip. Rewards1 is still a relatively new GPT site compared to some of the others other out there. I think a few of you have already guessed my second tip... use google to search for what other referrers are doing for the other GPT sites! Some "pro" referrers make thousands of dollars from just referring people. So now you can use google to your advantage to take a peek at how they are doing it.

Of course, these tips also apply if you simple just search for the domain name. Play around with google, it's your friend.

till next time.
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