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ilikepikachuu is on a distinguished road
Default Hehar

"What? My web isn't working? But I opened my legs didn't I? Guess I am outta fuel."

"I am dancing aren't I? Cmon already! Throw the money!"

"Dangit. My shoes untied."
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"Anyone wanna be my butt scratcher?"

"I didn't know spiders could get worms!"
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Default Spiderman caption

"Spiderman was spreading rumors about Chuck Norris and saying bad things about him. One day when spiderman was swinging through New York, he got roundhouse kicked across the world by Chuck Norris and he landed in China. Everyone looks upon him with disappointment."

"Spiderman passed out after seeing that they were making baked spiders in a restraunt."

"Spiderman got Sparta kicked into the big, deep hole in the middle of Sparta by King Leonidas during the Persian war. After 25 centuries of falling, spiderman landed in china."

Hope i win.... my rewards 1 account name is: John1
my email is:
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Um, this contest is going the wrong way now.

Offers Completed - 290
Total Referrals - 249
Active Referrals - 62
Referral Earnings - 29.02
Total Points Redeemed - 163.05
Prizes Received - 12
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-Does this make me cooler than Batman?
-Stand Back!.. im doing pilates.

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Red face

"Spider-man! Spider-man! Dances like noo other-man-can! With his Feet in the Air! Showing people his Spidey-Under-wear! Spider-man! Spider-man! Randomly dancin' just because he Can!"

"Well, I can't do this in a web... (or can I?)"

"I bet Superman and Batman can't do this!"
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Old 11-25-2010, 02:21 AM   #67
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MasterL3000 is on a distinguished road

"why is everyone looking down on me, after all i do for you people."

"Stop Staring! Im trying to go to the bathroom!"

"Can someone help me out, my butt is really itchy."
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Malco is on a distinguished road

Can any of you guys see the gerbil yet?
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"Realizing there was criminal mischief about, spider-man keeps it real by choosing to 'Serve' the chinese race with dance moves of mass destruction"

"Estidio burro tomagotchi? (translation) I didn't know spiderman was asian holmes?"

"at least his shoes are stylish in china, I guess his spidey sense doesn't tingle when he looks uncool dancing"

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Stay weiRd
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Stay weiRd will become famous soon enough

Spider-man's weakness! Asians...
Originally Posted by Stay weiRd View Post
You could've made it interesting by showing your ass like Denis. lol
Originally Posted by Max Galleio View Post
My ass isn't nearly as sexy.
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