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Default Centre for Consumer Interests

Hi Rewards1 users

I've seen in many posts and threads that many of you are having trouble getting the "Centre for Consumer Interests" offers to credit in the United Kingdom.

I've been able to get ALL the "Centre for Consumer Interests" offers to credit with ease

I have produced a detailed step-by-step guide on what I did to help you complete these offers and hopefully get them to credit.


1) First off, I used Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10 to complete and have these offers credit.

If you aren't sure if your version of Mozilla Firefox is 3.0.10, go to Help > About Mozilla Firefox.

To download Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, click on

I havn't tried the offers on any other internet browsers so I'm not sure if they would credit or not.


2) If you are already running Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, restart it and "Clear Private Data". Make sure you tick everything on the "Clear Private Data" window.

If you are unsure on how to "Clear Private Data", go to Tools > Clear Private Data and tick every box. Make sure ALL boxes are ticked, then you can click on "Clear Private Data Now".

I only use two browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8. As well as Mozilla Firefox, I deleted ALL the cookies on my other browsers.

Be sure to turn-off the pop-up blocker. This is includes the Mozilla Firefox pop-up blocker and any other pop-up blocker software. Vital pop-ups may have been blocked if this was on and may be one of the reasons to no credit. Turn off the Mozilla Firefox pop-up blocker by going to Tools > Options > Content > Block popup windows.

Make sure your browser is accepting cookies. If it isn't, you'll never be credited. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies and tick the box "Accept cookies from sites".

Also, make sure that you are accepting third-party cookies and set them to "Keep until: they expire". Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies to set.


3) You should now be on the homepage with ALL cookies deleted on Mozilla Firefox 3.1.10.

Go to and sign in.


4) You should now be on the Rewards1 website homepage.

Create a new tab on Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10 and go to

Click on "Get a temporary e-mail" which is shown in green.

Highlight the e-mail address and copy (CTRL+C) it.

Don't close the GuerrillaMail tab.


5) Now to begin the offer.

Go to the Rewards1 website homepage tab and click on the "Offers" icon.

Click on a "Centre for Consumer Interests" offer and it should open with the offer.

You may encounter a problem that the offer doesn't loadand you are left with a white page. If so, click on "Reload" or press "F5".


Do not close the Rewards1 tab.


6) Fill in the information. I have provided tips for each information needed for the survey below.

FULL NAME: Must be a real name, not a random name like "iaurgarig ouawerg".

DOB: Date of Birth year must be 1979 or earlier.

TELEPHONE: Must be an 11 digit phone number. An example would be 01162123456. I started all my phone numbers with "0116" because all my addresses and postcodes were from Leicester

HOUSE NUMBER/POSTCODE: Must be a valid house number at the correct postcode. I used to help me find valid addresses

EMAIL: Paste in your copied e-mail address from GuerrillaMail into the information box.

MOBILE: Must be an 11 digit mobile number. An example would be 07912345678. I started my mobiles numbers with "079" or "078".

OTHER INFORMATION: I don't think it matters what you put in the other information boxes about family/occupation/relationship but answer these as if you are actually interested in the survey and not just getting the points on your Rewards1 account ASAP


Once you are done with all the information, click on "Continue with our survey".

After you have clicked on "Continue with our survey", you may be asked to pick an address from a list. Just click on your desired address.


7) You should now come to another series of questions.

When I was answering these questions, I picked the bottom-most answer for ALL drop-down lists for the questions.

I will use the "Which daily newspaper do you read?" question as an example. For this question I would choose the "None" option as it is the bottom-most answer in the drop-down list.

You will come across sub-questions that appear below the main question when you click away. Just answer the same way with the sub-questions as you did with the main questions.

I used the "TAB" trick to speed things up. This is where you press "TAB" on your keyboard to move on to the next question and hold the "DOWN" arrow key to get to the bottom-most answer. Press "TAB" again to move on to the next question.

Most of the time, the bottom-most answer will be "No" or "None" depending on the question.

Carry on answering the series of questions until you get to the "FREE CATALOGUES & BROCHURES" page.


8) Once you are on the "FREE CATALOGUES & BROCHURES" page, you want to skip the whole page, without ticking any boxes and click on "Continue with our survey".

9) You should now be on an "OFFERS" page.

During this, I clicked "No" for ALL offers, EXCEPT for the last one, which I clicked "Yes". There will be another series of these. Click "No" for ALL, EXCEPT the last one.

Click on "Continue with our survey" once you are done.


10) After the "OFFERS" pages, you will come to the "REFER A FRIEND" page.

On this page, I didn't refer any friends but I did click on vouchers. Any vouchers will do.

Click on "Continue" once you are done with the vouchers.


11) After the vouchers, you will come to a page of magazines.

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Continue".

Easy peasy


12) After the magazines, you should be on a page that says "Thank You!".

This is the sign that you have completed the offer. It says on the page that they have sent you an email. Check in your GuerrillaMail inbox for the email.

You do not have to click or read anything in the email. If you have recieved the email, it is likely that you have been credited. So go and reload the Rewards1 tab.

If not, on the "Thank You!" page, there are 4 offers that you can click on. Click on the first 3 and leave them open.

When I received the email, I straight away got credited. I even sometimes got credited before the email arrived

So, go back on your Rewards1 tab and reload the page, fingers crossed, you have been credited.

If you have not been credited, start again and go from number 1, making sure you read EVERYTHING.

If you were successful, move on to the FINAL section.


FINAL) Once you have been credited, close ALL tabs EXCEPT the Rewards1 tab.

Clear ALL cookies EXCEPT the "" folder. You can do this by going to Tools > Options > Privacy > Show Cookies. Remember to delete ALL cookies EXCEPT the "" folder.

You can now start again earning credit but continue from number 4.


Thats all folks!

I hope this guide helped you.

Please post any questions in this thread and I will try to answer to my best ability.


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