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Default DarkRider's Tutorial/FAQ.

If you have any questions, just post them here OR go into the mentors forum and make a topic there.

Tips, Hints, Secrets
*To improve approval rate use different e-mail addresses and clear cookies after every offer.
*Also, you usually can't use the same e-mail address more than about three times. All the survey companies are actually related, you can find this out if after you enter your email address and it doesn't ask for shipping address.
*If your email allows aliases you can use that.
*If your email allows email forwarding you can create a bunch of emails and have them forwarded to the main account for you confirm stuff like the confirmation emails.

Pointers & Secrets
Check you new email account at least twice a day for new offers to take surveys. By being quick to act you can nab some opportunities other may miss.
Do not place you own money at risk. Some of the gaming companies want you to play surveys for cash but first require you to make a deposit into an account for yourself. I encourage you to open an account and get the free bonus. Then play one small survey and cash out your free money. Just do not get hooked and end up losing your free money and your own cash. Be careful and smart.
Do not place you own money at risk. Some of the survey companies want you to take surveys for cash but first require you to make a deposit into an account for yourself. Never participate in a surveys that requires you to pay to take the survey. Be careful and smart.

* Download and use Roboform to help fill in registration forms

Roboform is a free software program that makes registering for different survey site very easy. Why do you need Roboform? We have so many survey sites listed that just registering for all of the survey sites takes up your time.

What Roboform does is record all of your basic information on your PC. When you go to a new survey site and register to use that site Roboform will automatically fill in all of the information fields with your information. This saves you from having to enter your name, address, email, and other information hundreds of times. Roboform does it for you. This software is on your PC and is completely saved.

The other great thing Roboform does for you is that it records all of you survey site usernames and passwords. It then saves and organizes these passwords for you. So the next time you go to that website Roboform recognizes the website and then fills in your username and password for you. This saves you from having to record or memorize hundreds of different usernames and passwords.

You do not have to use Roboform but it will make your life easier. Roboform is absolutely Free. Download now.

One final note: Roboform will prompt you to upgrade to a Pro version of the software. This costs $30 and is unnecessary. The free version you download now allows you to do everything you need.

Mac users should use the Safari web browser that comes standard on all Mac's. Safari has a built in feature similar to Roboform.

* Decide your goal
-What game do you want? What accessories do you want? Keep at it and eventually you will get it.

Many of you may be wondering what a referral is. Well, it's just someone you refer to the site using your referral link. You earn 20% of whatever your referrals make. What that means is for every one point your referral gets you get 0.2 back. Now, it may not seem like much, but when you have a lot of referrals it adds up quickly.

How To Get Referrals:
Forums with many members are the best way to get referrals. Put a simple link to your referral link in your sig and start posting a lot. The more you post, the more people that see your sig. You can also buy advertising space on Google AdSense. It doesn't cost much to get a decent amount of hits. Many people have had success with this strategy. One other strategy that might take some work on your part is to start a blog or a website. Advertise your referral link on it. Don't be blatantly obvious about it though.

There are many referral swapping websites out there. One that I like to use is GetRef. I get a decent amount of hits from there every day and I also get some referrals every now and then :).


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If you have any questions, just post them here OR go into the mentors forum and make a topic there.
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Nice Thread =P
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