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Default Predators Review

First of all, I expected the movie to give us an introduction. Something like a scene on Earth, where/how he was taken, then he goes to the planet. Instead they immediately throw him on the planet, with little memory of what happened. He finds others, they have little memory of the abductions also. What really made me mad is that the one guy, the leader, knew everything about hunting. He was a Mercenary for a few years and now hes like the professional at alien hunting. If they would have mixed it up between characters, and they did a little, it would have been more believable. People die a few at a time, blah blah and so forth. One thing the movie does deliver is surprise and excitement. Seriously. Once you think something happens, BOOM, it really didn't and shit pops up. From what I know humans werent the only species hunted, but I will do more research. The end was a little cheesy remake of the Predator and they didnt even get off the planet, and a new batch of fresh human were coming just along.

The action is just the right speed, but the story rushes itself from time to time. 7.5/10. And some scenes from the trailer were edited. 10-15 Predator crosshairs do not aim at him.
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