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Default how do you like this poem? post your own poems

Why are you stuck?

why might i ask,
why cant i get you off my mind
Your stuck...
you image...stuck
My mind is Dead set on you,
your beauty...its been implanted in my memory...forever
every time i see you...
i go crazy, knowing that i will never have the chance to be with you
Although you may not know this...
your stuck
you are stuck-stuck in my dreams, my mind...
I see you, where ever i might be, in my memories
when ever i stop to think, you are the first, first in my mind
so the question will remains...
Will you be mine?
With the wings of dreams,
Far beyond reality
I'm Lost inside
lost inside my own mind.
life is beyond the stars
beyond the moonlight.
I'm flying, I'm free
just before the thunder storm
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As a poet, I must say, that's not bad at all. Well done.
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