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Originally Posted by Lions View Post
I didn't mean for you to use your current computer nor did I expect it to be compatible. I meant that you could get yourself an extremely nice PC that could be used as a Hackintosh and it would be cheaper than buying a Mac, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing your not helping out the greedy Apple folks. But whatever, you have your heart set on making the stupid purchase, one day you'll realize you wasted your money. Until then, go jump off the bridge with the rest of your iChatting buddies....

I would hire the guy on the right if it was Chip n Dales
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I'm using my grandma's iMac right now. I was using Safari to play Bubble Shooter. That's all I was doing, playing Bubble Shooter. Then Safari crashed after only a few minutes. Yeah... Macs sure are reliable. It said Flash may have been the problem. That's pathetic that it can't even run Flash. Oh well, switched to good 'ol Firefox and I haven't had any problems yet.
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I remember the time I wanted one, looked in the flyer, could get a good one for 2,000.
Look at the comp next to it, with

3x the harddrive space
3x the CPU
4x the GPU
4x the RAM

for like 1,200

I continued to laugh, what exactly are you paying for mac people? your OS ain't worth that much lol, price doesn't even show the compatibility limitations you have.
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