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Default Anosmia.

Well 2 mondays ago i was longboarding (form of skateboarding) and as i was going down a hill and went to turm, i hit a patch of sand, slid offy board and hit the ground with the back of my head.. Now i dont remember that but thats what i was told.. All i remember was waking up in an ambulance, then once again in the hospital..after a ct scan, the doctor told me my skull was fractured, i had a concussion and there was small bleeding in my skull (but not my brain) so I spent a night in the hospital then went home the following day.. When i was home everything made me dizzy and nauseaous.. So i spent the day sleeping and puking.. The next day i went back to the hospital due to dehydration ( anything i ate or drank i would instantly vomit up) and got some IV and new medication. I returned home again and slept through most of the days for about a week. Eventually i was getting better but when i went to eat i wasnt able to taste anything... Its been almost 2 weeks now and ive noticed i cant smell either. The only smell is like burning or smoke..

All i know is that this sucks and as i found on google anosmia (loss of smell or taste) is pretty common with a hit to the back of the head. I go to the neurologist soon so im going to talk to him.. If my olfactory glands are still intact and not damaged, i think ill be sble to recover my lost senses..
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