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Default Offer help

What do I do on those install type of offers?

For example like these:

GameVance - Bubble Boomers
Download & Install & Play. Converts on Install. (Only one Gamevance offer can be completed per user for quality)

GameVance -Zombie Rush
Converts at:download

And when you go to the page there is nothing to download. Maybe someone can perhaps explain this to me.
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Simply click the 'Play Now' or similar text to begin the download.
For ones that ask to install, I recommend using Sandboxie, that way your computer isn't loaded with any of the 'wares'.

When sandboxie is done installing, just right click the game installer and click 'Run Sandboxed', go through the installation, then terminate (exit) the apps and all other junk by opening the sandboxie window and clicking (on the menu) 'Sandbox->Default Box (or whatever yours is named)->Terminate Programs'.
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