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Smile First Reward: 911 First Responders

I received my reward in the middle of last week, so this is rather late post (due to technical difficulties...); but I haven't forgotten! =)

I requested the 911: First Responders (simulation) game, and received the download link last week, it works, which mean Rewards1 works! (yay!!) =D

Btw, it doesn't go by the same name for y'all who are in Europe, its name over there is 'Emergency 4'.

I don't really have a picture of it, since it was a digital download, and there wasn't even an email from the vendor; however, below are some pics in-game. =)

For those of you who are doubting that R1 works... all I can say is I was where you were; but R1 followed through, so at least give it a try!

LSWTMP on the main site and here on teh forums.
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