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Originally Posted by R1-Raper View Post
Okay, does anyone want to do this? I am waiving the membership fee so that all you need is 150 accounts and then you will get access to another 150 youtube accounts for free.(If only one other person joins) if more join, you get access to 150 more per person.
So 2 people join, they each are given eachothers list through you, and oh, you just happen to have the list as well? Just pointing out that if users are only getting to share with one other person, there is no point in going through a middle man, because you know I'm right when I say you'd use the accounts in this situation otherwise, why would another need to join? You could just swap yours with the first user to sign up.

Originally Posted by ²°² View Post
What if we did'nt need the $$ for replacements? Who has the money? What are they going to do with it.

You need to simply revise your statements.


- one-time fee for unlimited access to an unlimited number of accounts

- access to private bots and services

- trusted, interactive community

All you had to say.
Hard to believe.

Originally Posted by ²°² View Post
Do you mean $5 is too much, or too less?

I think its generally worth it.
You'd need about $100/month to ensure that.

Originally Posted by R1-Raper View Post
Well of course, thats why there is a 5$ fee plus the fact that I would make sure that the users are not retarted with the accounts? Picking trustworthy people and not just anyone? Plus it's only going to be 10 people allowed.

I see where you are coming from though, perhaps I'll even cut it down to 5 people.
Because you're able to pick out trusted users right?

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Originally Posted by Dommzyd View Post
If you want to advertise and discuss other GPTs, take yourself over to IMM. This isn't the place for it.
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