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Originally Posted by bean View Post
i hear a lot of pee2ess, but how about cashcrate? is pee2ess > cashcrate?
In general yes, but cashcrate has a much better referring system and downline system.

I agree with what eric sherman said, and pee2ess is the top now, you need to compare to them and consider the differences. pee2ess easily has my win over this site any day considering the fluctuating referral amount (let's me determine how much quality traffic I'm bringing in) and then I'm also able to see things like how much i have earned in the last few days with graphs etc.. very helpful. that's beside the point though, that 30% isn't going to cut it, and eric laid it out well. if you want to be top start adding referral bonuses and you'll do better. I can't explain it beyond what eric said. that's all there is to be said.

as a sidenote, one thing i love about pee2ess is that i can see click impressions. i've sent in a suggestion a while ago about a ratio of refser click to instantly be shown to get a general idea on the impression (as you start hitting 2k~ refs the ratios are more estimates and you have to hit out a calc to get it) and something similar would be a nifty referral tool (and not terribly hard to code..)
Originally Posted by knivez View Post
Yeah, today isn't my lucky day, but I just got to live with it and suck it up like a man and keep moving forward. I'm not going to be flaming about it for the rest of my life, then it would be pointless because your just wasting time of your whole life doing nothing and thinking about why didn't I do this or why didn't I do that. Its how life is, it's unfair.

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Stay weiRd
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I effing hate referring people .
Originally Posted by Stay weiRd View Post
You could've made it interesting by showing your ass like Denis. lol
Originally Posted by Max Galleio View Post
My ass isn't nearly as sexy.
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Originally Posted by bean View Post
the new referral system will be announced before the end of the contest. thats the deadline we've given ourselves.

on a different note, did you guys noticed a jump in $ over the last 2 days?
I sure have!
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