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Default The Methods You believe in are OUT-DATED!

Out-Dated Referral Getting Methods for your Freebie Site

So many people struggle to earn get referrals without realizing that the methods they believe in are Out-Dated....

Here's what typically happens

So you created an Account with CrazyFree****.com (Made that up) and you've completed your Offer. Now it's time for you to get your referrals. So you ask yourself, "What's the best way to Get Referrals?" So you go online looking into Freebie Forums, Blogs, Articles, and Comments looking to see what everyone does to get referrals... So here's a list of all the OUT-DATED referral methods you've learned from everyone one else...
  • Create "How To" or "Freebie Site Review" Blogs, Online Articles, and etc. telling viewers how to get their free stuff and place your Referral Links within the content to Direct them to Your Freebie Site!
  • Join Referral Trade Forums and do favors or Offer Money so that people can complete an offer through your referral link.
  • Talk to Friends and Family and show them how "Easy" and legitimate these Freebie Sites are.
  • Create YouTube Videos giving people a brief walk through about your Freebie SIte and place your Referral Link on the Description!
  • Post Fliers and Cards with your referral links on school bulletin boards and neighborhood mail boxes.
  • Create a classified ad on Craigslist or your local news paper about free stuff and direct your readers to your site with your referral link!
  • BEG PEOPLE to sign up to through your Referral Link on Article and Blog post Comments (Spamming)

Place your Referral Links on Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook Status updates!

Why These Methods of Getting Referrals for your Freebie Site SUCK!
Slow to NO FREEBIE Methods!

TIP: The Key to getting Fast and Instant Referrals and Bundles of Freebies is to Work Smart, Not Hard!

Here's the biggest issue with these methods:

Not only are they slow, they're completely OUT-DATED. It's much harder to get Referrals doing these amateur methods to-date. It would've worked a lot easier in 2004 - 2006! But now, your competing with millions of Freebie Program Participants and neither you or they KNOW HOW to get it RIGHT. Here's what Freebie Networks Don't Tell you about these methods... Out of 100 people who see your referral links, only 2 will actually register. Now who's to say, those 2 prospects are actually going to complete an OFFER? So Unless you have Major Credibility with friends and family who are more than happy to Do anything for you, you are going to Dread promoting your links using these "Slow to No Freebie Methods!"

Truth of the matter is, No Professional Does this. These methods are No Different from holding up a Box of Color Pencils For Sale in Time Square in front of a crowd of 1,000,000 people who don't care... Just to find a few people who actually decide to take a Look and "MAYBE" buy something! Isn't it senseless to have to Sort through a crowd of millions of "NOs" just to get a few and Extremely RARE "YES's"? So why do it like that?

let me ask you this: Is all that time, energy, and effort promoting your referral links worth one little Freebie; especially after doing it for a Month or even more? Absolutely not. The reality is, you could've saved up money or work 3 weeks at a job to buy 2 or more game consoles and or a laptop. This method of getting freebies isn't only slow, it's boring. You're pretty much forcing yourself to sit in front of your computer for hours, doing something you to HATE while driving traffic to these already Rich Freebie Networks!

ADVICE: Never DO what EVERYONE is DOING! Why? Because you'll end up stuck in the same Position or level as EVERYONE ELSE!
This applies to everyday life. That's why the Majority of the world's population work hard at jobs and will never be rich, simply because they followed Everyone's Advice!

The Idea that some Freebie Networks are Easier and or Harder than others is a COMPLETE MYTH! The reason why people have a hard time achieving any kind of success with their freebie network is generally because they don't know what to do with their Referral Links! Your chances of success has nothing to do with what Freebie Site you join. So don't listen to "Freebie Site Reviews" made by people who just want you to sign up under their links...

Well here are a few basic referral fundamentals that will put you on a faster path to Eazy Freebies

1) OFFER YOUR LINKS to a TARGETED NICHE: We already agree that promoting your links to EVERYONE is not effective! What you should do instead is target an audience of people who are actively expressing interest in what your freebie site offers; like people who seriously want an Iphone 4, Xbox 360 Slim, MacBook Pro, etc.

So how do you find a niche? Easy? Think about problems and concerns that usually motivate people to pursue Free Stuff... In this way, you can get to them before your competitors do. Here's a few examples of good niches you can promote your links to

- College Students in need of a Lap Top but don't Have money...

- Moms who want to spoil their kids...
- Gamers who dream of turning their space into an Ultimate Gaming and Entertainment Center

- Music Lovers who want Free Bose Sound Equipment and the Latest MP3 Players

- Cell phone Carriers embarrassed by their old crappy flip phones

- Food Lovers who want Free Gift Cards to use for all their Favorite Restaurants

- SwagBuck, Lockerz, *********** users who are having trouble collecting enough points to get their freebie

- Movie Maniacs who'd love a FREE 40" HDTV so they can enjoy their movies in High Definition on movie nights

- Photoshop Pros / Aspiring Graphic designers who'd love a Free Imac or Macbook pro


The main thing is, once you find your niche (target audience), now you can develop content that will pique their interest!


The more you talk about your freebie site, the more referrals you chase away! Why? because people don't CARE about freebie sites.. people only care about getting their freebies. So if you're promoting [Generic GPT] instead of Free Xbox 360 Slim, you are going to fail! It doesn't matter if [Generic GPT] is offering a Free Xbox 360 Slim! Stop talking about the freebie site, only sell people on how awesome and great it is to have such a powerfully entertaining game console for FREE! Sell people on the amazing gaming experience and feelings that comes with it. Do not talk about how the freebie site works... let people find that out on their own! Otherwise, you'll just make it appear to be complicated, leaving room for excuses and rebuttals! NO ONE WILL EVER give you an excuse as to why they don't want a Free Xbox 360 or a Free Iphone 4, but they will give you an excuse as to why they don't want to join your freebie site! So in order for you to leave no room for excuses and rebuttals, stop talking about your freebie site... only talk about what it would be like to get free (whatever you want)...

Just like how ProActiv® Infomercials only talk about getting RESULTS. All you see is the product and TONS of BEFORE and AFTER images of HAPPY PEOPLE! That's it, the only thing that is being promoted is the product and the results! You don't see anyone talking about the company that designed ProActiv® or the fact that Guthy-Renker® markets the product!
Did you understand what i just shared with you?

Alright, I do have more tips to share but I wrote enough here... I'll leave the rest open for discussion.. If you'd like to learn more, visit my profile and click on my home page...

On the mean time, I'll be posting more tips weekly or even daily..

I hope this sparks some ideas for those of you struggling...
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nice post. edited out the competitor site but yeah
good stuff ;D

For the lulz.
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Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
nice post. edited out the competitor site but yeah
good stuff ;D

Oh Yeah... Sorry... I but thanks...
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Wouldnt say outdated... saturated would be the word.

Anyways it is a good post ^^
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Hey, you also posted this in the other site's forums lol!!! But you have really good information, and it has probably helped LOTS of people, like me :D
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You have a nice site. I like the charisma in all your guides. Thanks for the info! :)
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Wow, I actually sat down to read all that! Very great advice! I like people who try to help others and contribute happiness to people on earth :) BTW, this person knows what their talking about because if I sat down to read all that, he dragged me in... Like a professional.
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