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Default Guide To Not Being Scammed

This is a must read, it will get you out of 99% of scams and out of trouble. Almost every scam is built of these tricks. People talk after they get scammed and that's when its to late. I hope this read helps people out there. Remember always to ask questions, when people see things that are to good they get carried away.


1. Don't buy guides all the information is out there and you can find it for free. There are to many websites out there that give almost all the information you need. Most of the guides that claim to make it big are RISKY just to let you know and involves a potential for a loss.


What wasn't mentioned is that you need to put money in FIRST before you COULD earn money. I probably already know what this guide is going to do without even buying it. How? The information is already out there. These guides are only the product of other guides and methods.
2. Don't trust anybody just because their nice or have "elite status". People will usually use their power to their favor when they have no use of it anymore. People that are new especially.

3. Never go first on anything including favors, borrowing, etc. If you really want to do something fair and square grab a middleman and let him do it for you.

4. Don't do things because other people did, people can easily make different accounts. Don't ever trust other peoples opinions or reviews. They could be paid or be a friend. Find and question it out for yourself.

5. If it sounds to good its going to be a scam. People don't go around throwing money away, or hack into billion dollar corporations claiming to have "unlimited" this and that.


Unlimited Xbox Live Codes? How did some nobody hack into Microsoft?

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