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Default A few words...

i didn't want to detract from Rozz's thread, so i'll address a few points people have made here.

i don't know whether to laugh or cry about the "Rozz is an unused account" theory... did you guys forget that we had to re-draw the "Orange Box" 3 times until we had a winner? Rozz has been notified with the email registered to his account. Only if we're satisfied that he cannot/will not respond, we will obviously re-draw.

regarding R1 service, i will be the first to admit things are not going well - we're badly over capacity. to solve this problem we'll be bringing in a new staff member soon and things should return to normal shortly. there will be a greater R1 staff presence in the forusm as well.

related news: i'm sure some of you have figured out that brown bear is no longer with us. RIP brown bear.

lastly, i don't know about other places, but here at R1 we only buy new codes and we only ever give out a code once. we do not give out used codes. everything is tracked in our database. *sometimes* an error is made copying the code down. some of the letters are hard to tell (B's and 8's, etc.) and after the 100th code copied down in a row, it gets hard to see straight. contact support if your code does not work and we will verify it for you. support is very backlogged, but they WILL get to you.
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Thanks bean. I hope I can get my gift certificate soon.
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thanks for clearing that up bean.Hopefully rozz does contact you guys so he can enjoy his points
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thanks bean for clearing that up
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rozz broke the rules redraw.. his youtube videos say sign up under my refferal link and get 10 points free.. heres a screen shot


special thanks to rogey for showing me the video

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Rozz isn't a very good speller is he?
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Originally Posted by XxIRONxMAIDENxX View Post
Rozz isn't a very good speller is he?
lol, that's an instant re-draw in my eyes....if you cant spell, you cant win as that old saying goes *cough*

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I really hope support can answer me. I've sent 3 support tickets over 2 weeks and I still haven't been answered. I sent one about deactivating my brother's account, and that one was answered right away! What gives? It feels like you guys are ignoring me. Please, at least give me a refund bean.
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well said . and nice 1 about points! ppl should try all options to enter those codes! i'm sure they work!
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Yeah, if he wins this for breaking the TOS then I've lost all faith in R1. Tournedisque took down his videos, otherwise he's have been a sure win.

Yes I want to win, but even more than that I want somebody who deserves to win to get the points.

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Originally Posted by Dommzyd View Post
If you want to advertise and discuss other GPTs, take yourself over to IMM. This isn't the place for it.
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