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Default $5 ugc!!

Mhmm... Is it possible R1 will add $5 UGC?? that would be great if they could.. I've used a different website.. I won't say it.. But, it only takes 2 days to get your code.. I don't know about this website.. but how come it takes so long to your code? I know it doesn't take 1 week to get a UGC code... I also don't understand how $10 UGC is a problem when your supposed to get a code that works and.. its not even hacked? I'm not saying this is a bad site.. just that i don't think its possible when i've gotten $60 worth of UGC $10 for each for each one and *No Problem* at all.. Great deals and everything but.. I think a *Great Suggestion* would be adding $5 UGC's so more people don't actually bother mods with their problem/complaints and it will actually work 99% of the time unlike the $10 or $20 cards..

P.S. I know people might've posted before
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