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Been trying for AGES! it just won't accept the offers and yes i am using truthful info!
PLEASE can anyone send it to me via email as an attachment? you will get rep+ if you do so!

Originally Posted by Negrodamus View Post
but i dont like your watches
Originally Posted by casio View Post
Well thats too bad because they don't like you either.

Uploaded with

Bunch of crazees in line for an appointment... < the loopy doctor !!
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Talking Thanks guys for sharecash!

Well for you guys struggling...I coudnt download his SH!T either and I am not so "Imaginative" like most of you, so I just use my searching skills to find some methods and here are my results...Do not ask me for a method because right now I really dont use a method...but it involves "editing other peoples descriptions" known as hacking. ITS BRINGING ME MAD MONEY HAHAHAHA

Here are my stats December 20, 2010:

# Today's Earnings: $26.54 (I know... I love the money too)
# Month's Earnings: $271.01
# Approved Earnings: $1,752.34
# All Time Earnings: $2,023.35

Today's Statistics:

__________________________________________________ _______________

Highest Amount I Earned In One DAY: $43 BUCKS B!TCH
How Much I Earned In 1 Month?: About $600 (October)
Which File Has The Most Downloads?: One Has About 2000 Downloads
How Old Am I: Only 14
My Method: Steal other people SH!T AND MAKE MONEY HAHAHAHA

Stolen Method EXAMPLE : What other people do is take a famous artist/band. Make a new video, have an Image of them as the picture, however put no audio on. Upload it to YouTube. Use audio swap & add a song. Make the title something stand out. In the description box, apologize for the song being audio-swapped and say to listen/download this song please click here: Sharecash Link

(I have not done this method because I think its been too saturated. Go on YouTube and see for yourself)


The File Has Been Downloaded 123 Times. Just Imagine The Possibilty Of You Making A Lot Of Money Off Of A Tactic That Has Been Downloaded That Many Times. 10 Downloads Is OK But 123 Is = $0 In Profit

(Learn From Somebody Who Knows)

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For the people who got this to work, how did you do it? I seriously can't get it to work despite doing every single survey >_>
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Send a message via AIM to SK55

50 cents paypal for it !
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