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Default READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST: Rules To Follow In This Sub Forum

Why was this sub forum created?

Lately, there have multiple threads created in the General Discussions sub forum. It was getting too cluttered, so we created this sub forum for members who have services that they wish to offer to the Rewards1 community.

What is this sub forum for?

This sub forum acts as the Rewards1 service marketplace.

How to use it?


- You are allowed to post ONE thread advertising your services, e.g. referral tips, guides, etc. One thread is allowed per user.

- All information regarding your service(s) must be clearly stated on the first post of this thread.

- All questions regarding your service(s) must be handled within this thread.

- Service(s) offered by members may not be for other GPT sites.


- Buyers beware! Rewards1 is not affiliated or responsible for any services advertised in this sub forum. We offer no guarantees related to the services provided. In short, please do your homework.


- All Rewards1 Forums rules apply here.. e.g. no spamming, flaming, swearing etc.
- No derailing or hijacking of other member's service threads.
- Constructive criticism is encouraged
- As with the Buy/Sell/Trade, no sale of refferals is allowed in Member Services

Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to consequences, which include:
- Closure of your service thread,
- Being banned from this sub forum and potentially from the Rewards1 Forums. If the infraction is serious enough, your Rewards1 account may also be banned.

Please do not BUY/SELL/TRADE in this subforum. If the BUY/SELL/TRADE subforum is not available to you, wait until you become a senior member.
Ref guides (for R1) are allowed to be sold in here since they are considered a service.
Quote from Pyros in the thread listed above;
Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
yes i consider that a service. along with youtube, and some other things that are account based. you can sell banners here too that is a service provided as well. if you are unsure you ask.

straight up what is NOT allowed.

now these are allowed if they are SERVICES such as "runescape boosting" or paypal to amazon (and vice versa)


Last edited by Dommzyd; 09-05-2009 at 05:28 PM. Reason: no gpt (aside from rewards1) guides allowed, sorry
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