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Originally Posted by CrazyMuffinMan View Post
Not 100% sure about this but the Map packs have to be from the same country that you are in. E.g. US Map packs on a US Account. EU Map Pack won't work on a US Account.

Also, some map packs have been made to be linked to one Gamertag. You can only play the Map packs on that account. If you want to play the map packs, you either need the original console the map pack was bought/first installed on or transfer the Map pack onto a USB Stick and use the USB Stick on your own xbox.
well its all in the same region so I dont think its the region problem. I am in canada and I bought a US account. both canada and US share the same region and get the same DLC. the only difference is MS points. MS points are country locked so a US code would not work in CAnada and Vice versa. everything else I can download ok. I was able to redownload all the arcade games and avatar items. its just those 3 cod DLC that wont download
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im not an expert here =*(

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